Listed on the ASX in 1983, Astron Corporation Limited is a mining and processing company, domiciled in Hong Kong.
Astron has more than thirty years experience in mineral sands processing, technology and downstream product development, as well as the marketing and sale of zircon and titania (titanium dioxide) products.

Astron History & Evolution

History & Evolution

With over 30 years experience in mineral sands and associated sectors, Astron brings a depth of capabilities and experience.

Board & Management

Key members of Astron’s leadership team.

Astron Values & Commitment

Values & Commitment

Astron’s corporate values influence all aspects of the company’s activities and behaviour.

Astron Governance


Astron is committed to compliance with its statutory responsibilities by implementing the highest standards of corporate governance.

A globally significant new source of zircon and titania supply, as well as rare earth elements.

Donald Rare Earth & Mineral Sands Project

Astron’s prime focus is the development of the large, long-life Donald Rare Earth & Mineral Sands project in the Murray Basin, Victoria.

The Donald project will represent a major new source of global supply in mineral sands, and is one of the largest known zircon and titanium resources in the world. It represents a Tier One deposit in terms of resource scale and potential production longevity, the value of mineral assemblage and expected competitive revenue: cash cost ratio. It represents an important new source of global supply at a time of robust demand yet with challenged supply, particularly of zircon, from maturing existing operations.  Donald is expected to produce a valuable rare earth co-product with attractive mineral characteristics, containing material heavy rare earths representing a significant additional revenue source.

Senegal Mineral Sands

Senegal Mineral Resources

The company also holds mining rights to a coastal mineral sands deposit, Niafrang, in Senegal, which is at an advanced stage of evaluation and regulatory approval.

Sales, Marketing and Technical Capabilities

Astron has extensive mineral sands expertise. Astron conducts a mineral sands trading operation based in Shenyang, China, facilitating close relationships with a range of key mineral sands customers.

Astron has developed its technical capabilities of producing zircon, zirconium chemical and titanium metal. Astron’s commitment and dedication in understanding titanium and zirconium metallurgy and chemistry and in developing new product applications sets it apart from its competitors.

Astron operates a zircon and titanium chemicals and metals research and development facility in Yingkou, China. The company’s long involvement in conducting downstream mineral and materials processing operations has ensured a strong technical competency, backed by an extensive intellectual property patent base, in a range of technologies, and a deep knowledge of mineral sands markets.

Impressive technical, market and customer relationship history

Mineral Separation Process

Operation of a plant for producing feedstocks for pigment production

Mineral Sands Distribution

A history of mineral sands distribution in China, including introducing the processing of mineral sands tailings

Marketing and sales arrangements in China

Marketing and sales arrangements in China for a range of zircon and titanium products

Introduced titanium slag into China for sulphate pigment production

production of zircon

Involved in production of zirconium chemicals, as well as zircon flour; an input to ceramics manufacture

world’s largest manufacturer

At one stage the world’s largest manufacturer of fused zirconia and zirconium carbonate

Mineral Sands Products and Uses

Mineral sands and rare earths products are used in a vast array of consumer, industrial, scientific and health applications.

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