Donald Mineral Sands (DMS) is committed to making a positive contribution to the people, community, economy and the environment in Minyip and surrounding area. The DMS project team look forward to having a meaningful, long term relationship with local residents and stakeholders.

Astron and DMS take our social licence to operate seriously.

Our goal is to make a positive and lasting impact on the sustainability and resilience of our local community. Our operating and financial successes are directly linked to the people and communities surrounding our future operations, and we are committed to developing strong relationships based on open and meaningful communication with our stakeholders.

As the DMS project progresses towards operational stages, we continue to build our understanding of the needs of neighbours, community members, employees and local organisations to meet our objective of aligning the project with the expectations of stakeholders.  We aim to be operational in the area for 40 years plus, making it critical to work together to maximise mutual benefit.

The Astron Board of Directors receive regular reports of any issues or community concerns, and they make an assurance that social responsibility is integrated into their decisions and actions.  Regular visits to the area will occur to help understand and support local goals and causes, and to maintain ongoing dialogue based on mutual respect and good faith.


DMS sponsored the Dunmunkle SES by purchasing a printer/scanner for use by their local volunteers

Economic Benefits

The Donald Mineral Sands project (DMS) will provide socio-economic benefits to Minyip and the surrounding areas by increasing employment opportunities, building capacity and skills in our employees, supporting our community and prioritising local businesses and employment. 

The economic flow on benefits arising from the 75 direct, well paid and long term new jobs created will also assist social infrastructure, and, along with a significant number of subcontractor and support roles, will help in diversifying skills and opportunities in the region. DMS will provide skills training and job readiness programs – we’re currently working with educational providers, and closer to start up will consult with training providers to ensure skills and training gaps can be identified and addressed through an ongoing, targeted training program.

Jobs created will be residential rather than fly-in, fly-out, because we believe this model will maximise the benefit to the community as a whole; local jobs support health and community services, sport and recreation as well as enrollment numbers in local schools and early childhood services.

DMS have adopted policies to support locals, including a Local Employment policy; focusing on employment for local people – we’ll only relocate specialist skills when we have to, as well as a Procurement policy which includes provisions for supporting local businesses. From catering services to trades specialists, DMS will work with local organisations to maximise local investment, boosting practical economic benefits and growth in the region.

DMS are in the process of establishing a Community Reference Group (CRG) along with a Technical Reference Group (TRG), to ensure open conversation with all stakeholders, as well as to work co-operatively to support the community as we continue to grow our backing of local community events and organisations through our sponsorship program.

Welcome to Country at a DMS sponsored Yarrilinks tree planting day near Minyip.

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