Values & Commitments

We observe the law, our obligations, voluntary commitments and internal standards

We comply with all laws, regulations and obligations that are applicable, including internal Astron policies and voluntary commitments. We ensure our personal and business interests never interfere with our ability to make sound, objective decisions.

We value and maintain professionalism in all of our dealings

We behave in a professional manner that fosters trust, confidence and goodwill. We are always respectful and ensure that we do the right thing. We always strive to deliver on our commitments.

We look after our people

Safety comes first, because physical and mental wellbeing are fundamental to a successful workplace. We are committed to building a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace culture.

We recognise our responsibilities to our stakeholders

We are committed to engaging in constructive dialogue with our stakeholders to understand and respond to issues that are important to our people, customers, investors, suppliers, government, landowners and the wider community.

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